Monday, August 30, 2010


So cleaning checks always ruin about a week of my life.

This past week was no different; I was busy right up until the moment I caught the bus to go out of town. Minutes before the bus came, I finally passed, and made my way hurriedly to the bus stop nearest my abode.

When I got there, I looked at the shelter and thought, this little ridge here has a lot of dust on it! I should clean it right away. Then I realized that cleaning checks were already over and that I had no obligation to clean the bus stop whatsoever. Sheesh.


  1. Hey if you need to get a little more cleaning out of your system I have a whole house you can attack. :)

  2. Well, I would, except it takes a long time to get up there on the bus!

  3. OK, but you'll have to give me a ride from Brigham City to Logan. The bus doesn't go between them.