Thursday, September 9, 2010


So, now that I'm BUSNINJA the master's student, I obviously won't be able to post as often. However, today's diff eq's was less panic-inducing than usual, so I'm giving it a shot.

This morning I had big plans of (1) going to the temple, (2) depositing my money in the bank, (3) getting my materials homework AND my diff eq's homework done before work, and (4) blogging.

(1) FAIL. My alarm went off this morning and my body said "If you make me get up now, I'll kill you." I'm not sure how that would work, but I decided not to argue.

(2) WIN. I did go to the bank, and now my bank account contains more than a single digit number.

(3) FAIL. I went to campus first this morning (via the 831), with the intent of finishing my materials homework and then going to the bank. I walked into the Civil Engineering Mechanics TA Lab, sat down right across from the TA, opened my backpack, and realized my engineering paper was still at home. I managed a sheepish grin before getting back up and deciding to go to the bank first (via the 830).

After the bank, I went home (via the 832 and the 831--SECRET TRANSFER!!!), picked up my engineering paper, and chatted with my roommates while I waited for the bus to come back. I then went back to campus (via the 831), only to realize that I had set my paper down again, and was for the second time empty-handed on campus.

So I went back home (via the 830), grabbed my paper and ran out the door in time to go back up to campus (via the 831, for the third time). Once I got that done, my materials homework wasn't so bad. But I had lost a precious half-hour on my diff eq's, which will probably haunt me for the rest of the semester, if not my life.

For those of you who were counting, that's seven times I rode the bus this morning. Seven.

(4) Win. Always win.

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