Friday, September 24, 2010


It all started when the buses came in the wrong order.

It's supposed to go 817, then 832, then 831, then 830, then 833.

Today as I was going home from BYU, the 817 came first. Nothing irregular. As often happens, large numbers of people piled on. Irregularity began when the next bus up the hill was the 830. I was mildly surprised, seeing as how that meant that the 830 was early and the 831 and 832 were both late. Such an eventuality was not behind my previously established paradigm, however, so I dismissed it. As I expected, large numbers of people boarded the 830.

So, while the 817 and 830 are both sitting at the bus stop, receiving passengers, the 832 finally decided to show up. Large numbers of people then made as if they were going to board the 832.

Here's the problem. There's only room for two buses at the Law Building bus stop.

So the 832 pulls in behind the other two buses already there, and people walk down to board it even though it's a ways down the hill, and straddling a crosswalk. Except some people don't, because they're purists (and they've probably been yelled at by the likes of Anal-Retentive).

Then things started getting weirder. The next bus up the hill was the 833. It pulled in behind the other three buses that were already there. A few people walked WAY down the hill, but most of the 833 people stayed there.

At long last, the 817 and 830 pulled away, and the 832 and 833 were able to pull up and actually pick up people in front of the bus stop. The 832 driver was even further delayed, however, by a potential passenger who was haggling with him over directions. By the time the 832 finally pulled out, the 833 was also pulling out, which I think annoyed the 832 driver a little, since he was supposed to be gone 5 minutes before the 833 was. He made sure to pull out in front.

After all this, the 833 Southbound, which was supposed to have come before ANY of what I have just described happened, passed by. Hmm.

Finally, after everyone else had cleared out, the 831 came up the hill. Finally.

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