Wednesday, October 20, 2010


So, today I ran into one of my friends, who complained that it seems like BUSNINJA is all being written by commutergirl now. That is simply not true. commutergirl, for example, is not writing this post (hence the capital-lettered title). And anyway, since we are, in the words of my roommate, "becoming synonymous," it'll soon be the same thing.

I explained to my friend that since commutergirl's commute is, oh, fifteen times as long as my own, she sees funny things on the bus (and train!) too, and should therefore be allowed to contribute when she feels necessary (or I think what happened to her is worth mentioning). He replied "but you're supposed to be the absolute master of the bus, you yourself!"

Why, thank you.

I replied, "Don't worry, I still am. I have administrative privileges on the blog, and she doesn't." Mollified, and laughing, he went on his way.


  1. Speaking of you being the absolute master of the bus, I have scrutinized the UTA commercials and have failed to see you in any commercial! What gives? Honestly, how could they not know about you? Shameful.

  2. Well, they probably know about me by now . . . they just know I drive a hard bargain on my acting contracts

  3. You're that bad eh? ;)I just thought having a die-hard fan in their commercials would be a good idea. Maybe the next one?

  4. It might be good for people to know that someone actually likes riding the bus.