Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Dear stupid Provo driver:

So, there's this whole neighborhood south of campus that doesn't have enough parking (grrr . . .). This means that everyone and their dog parks on the street. This is a figure of speech, but it may as well be taken literally around here.

What this means is that you cannot always see traffic coming on the street as you pull out of a driveway, because there are cars parked all up and down the street blocking your view. Trust me, I don't like it any more than you do.

That does not, however, excuse you from pulling all the way out into the road in one swift motion. It just so happened that there was a car coming. And I was in it. So yes, you had to hit your brakes in order to not hit us. I'm sure this annoyed you, but I'm also sure it was not as annoying as traffic school or court would be.

So, maybe, just maybe, next time, could you pull out a little slower? The children will thank you.



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  2. I almost unequivocally agree with your tirades against stupid Provo drivers; however, in this case I must make one observation in defense of the caveman, as it were.

    It has been snowy and potentially icy in Provo as of late (as I have ascertained from Facebook, it's a brisk 72 here in Vegas). Anyhow, I digress. With this icy and or snowy situation, is it not entirely possible that this driver had to leave his driveway expeditiously so as not to become stuck in the inevitable skating rink which forms at the edge of every driveway because Provo City refuses to clear the refuse from the gutters until after the first few storms of the year?
    I've been there, my friend, and so I feel for his forced stupidity.

  3. My dog doesn't park on the street. He has his own parking spot.

  4. Your defense of our caveman friend was most eloquent, my dear Nathan, but, unfortunately for him, it had not yet snowed. I do agree that Provo is quite remiss in its gutter-clearing duties, however. And I resent that it is 72 degrees in Vegas.