Saturday, October 9, 2010

Don't put your feet on the seat!

There are specific rules posted on the sides of the UTA buses such as, no loud music, no eating or drinking, and no explosives. While riding TRAX I have noticed that there is one particular rule that seems be a pet peeve of the bodiless train lady.

"Please be considerate of others and don't put you feet on the seat" she reminds periodically throughout the journey.

The fact that she feels it necessary to tell us passengers of this is not the strange thing. It is the fact that I've never heard her implore us to follow any of the other rules posted on the wall above the window. What is so important about not putting your feet on the seat? Did UTA find this a particularly gruesome offense, or did they just feel that this was easy enough for most people to follow? Why doesn't she remind us to be considerate of others and not eat our dinner in front of them? Or how about being considerate of others and not carrying explosives or weapons onto the train?

For the love of transportation, bodiless train lady, help us out: let us really know how to be courteous to our fellow commuters.

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