Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Speaking of Home Evening, last night at Home Evening, we talked about judging others unfairly. Even though I was lying on my back in the corner with my eyes closed, I was listening.

Good thing, too, because this morning the 831 was late. I admit I was grumbly about it. I was even thinking about writing a snarky post to the effect of "What good does it do for the schedule to say six minutes earlier if the bus driver is more than six minutes late? Just sayin'." Nevertheless, I boarded the bus pacifically when it did come.

Good thing, too, because the bus driver actually apologized for being late (how often does THAT happen!!!) and explained why. I could explain the details, but they would just confuse you. Suffice it to say that he had a valid reason for being ten minutes late, and it involved helping out a large group of people. I was immediately reminded of our Home Evening lesson. Honestly, I felt kind of stupid. So don't judge unrighteously, people!

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