Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Yesterday I was pretty out of it. A long day of school followed by work had left me mostly dead. So it took all the concentration I had to remember that I was getting off the bus one stop BEFORE my regular stop, so as to go to Home Evening (which generally happens Monday nights). Considering how tired I felt, I probably looked pretty out of it.

So it was no surprise when the bus driver asked me if this was the stop I wanted. I mean, I ride the 831 every day (if you didn't know that by now, read a different blog), and I get off at the same stop every day, and I also probably looked like I could spread out a bamboo mat in the aisle of the bus and sleep contentedly, even with other passengers stepping on my head on their way out.

But I had spent the whole trip concentrating on getting off a stop early. I knew what I wanted! I do appreciate the bus driver looking out for me, though.

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