Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Also this morning on the 831, I witnessed an interesting new technique for pulling the cord. See, on the '99 buses that are so common on the 831, the cord stays the same height throughout the bus, even though the seats are lower in the front and higher in the back (you have to go up two steps to get to the back; it's really fun). This means that people in the front of the bus usually can't reach the cord proper, unless you're really lanky, like me. There are little cords attached to the main one that you can reach, but sometimes they're behind you, which makes turning around and reaching a little awkward for you and the people around you (although, if it's not rush hour on the 831, there might not actually be people around you).

So I was impressed this morning when someone used the clip on his mechanical pencil to reach up and pull the cord. I thought, what a great idea! Then, however, the pencil got stuck on the cord, and had to be vigorously shaken off, which probably more than compensated for the efficiency of the original maneuver. But I was still impressed. Thinking outside the box is good, even if new techniques need polishing.

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