Wednesday, October 20, 2010

People Watching

Have you ever seen a foo Fighters video where Dave Grohl is smiling? With his dark beard and large teeth it is a strange and awesome sight. (I found a picture so as to not over tax your imagination.)

I did not, unfortunately, see Dave Grohl on the bus or any where else today. Sad day. I did see a guy get on the 811 however to reminded me of this image. He appeared to be smiling from ear to ear but when he got closer I noticed he just had extra large teeth and gums. It was the kinda thing you see that makes you want to look and not look at the same time. I also caught this guy picking his nose while reading his scriptures.

Seen: Family dressed up in Halloween costumes on a train platform. With the exception of the middle aged, balding father wearing eyeliner, not a super scary sight.

Seen: Tall girl with black hair wearing a black and red bustier, short, black mini skirt, and black leather high heels. She, I'm fairly certain, was not dressed up for Halloween but very scary.

Seen: Guts of a raccoon in American Fork. Not a people but very red and dead.

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