Friday, October 29, 2010


There is a very important meeting going on at BYU next week! Go if you care!

Next Thursday's EcoResponse club meeting is all about transportation. It will include:

- Short presentations on bus riding, route planning, and upcoming improvements to UTA (and there are many . . .)
- Remarks by a BYU Sociology professor
- A representative from the Church, who will talk about the Church's environmentally sustainable efforts
- Mayor Curtis of Provo
- Me . . . in spirit . . . I have to work, but at least half my soul will be there (which means that if I zone out in the middle of Music 111, now you know why)

The meeting is next Thursday, Nov. 4, in room 250 SWKT. Attending it will be many people who care about public transportation just as much as I do. Even though the decision has been made to end the discounted student bus pass, there are those of us who are still fighting for it (there are those of us, who, even if it goes away forever, will still ride the bus . . .). Go and learn something, go and make your voice heard. Tell them I sent you!

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