Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Dear stupid Provo driver:

Things so often seem to come in two's on this blog. Like stupid driving errors.

Like #24, you seemed to think it appropriate to suddenly leave a turning lane and speed off down the through lane next to it. Unlike #24, however, you were unlucky enough to have someone else in the intersection as you were trying to speed through it.

I could see the exasperated look on your face. I hope you were exasperated about yourself, because the other driver was just calmly turning left when you almost ran into him. He felt it was okay to turn left because when he checked the intersection, as he is supposed to do, there was no one coming. He certainly wasn't counting on you darting out from behind the car in front of you in the turning lane.

If he hadn't been driving defensively, you would have collided. Be more like him next time, okay?


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