Friday, December 10, 2010


People sometimes wear funny things to the gym. Things they wouldn't wear anywhere else. I hope. There are even man laws about this; some things are apparently okay to wear inside a gym that would normally call your man-status into question. When you run into someone wearing something a little odd at the gym, you don't usually make much of it. It often happens that the guy in the spandex full bodysuit is bigger than you.

But most people that wear funny things to the gym drive cars.

It's not that I wear anything too strange to the gym. I will admit that my sleeveless "BYU Football" shirt is a little odd, since it's BYU, and not all of my gym shorts go down to my knees. Cut me a break, I'm 6'3".

But apparently it's weird to see someone in gym clothes waiting at a prominent bus stop in the middle of Provo. Because I get a lot of stares . . .

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