Wednesday, December 1, 2010



I was at the UVU bus stop again tonight; once again, there's nothing inherently unusual about this. Whenever I am at UVU I check on the status of the hole in the ground that will someday be a pedestrian tunnel. I am pleased to report that the hole in the ground looks rather large these days.

When I was coming up to the bus stop, I thought, gee, it looks like they've opened up the grass for us to sit on again. Then I realized that all that had happened was the fence had tipped over.

And speaking of bus patrons putting their lives in peril at the UVU bus stop, I saw someone listening to music with his feet in the road today. It's a natural place to put your feet, I suppose, when the only place to sit is on the sidewalk, but I'm still glad he stood up when he saw the bus approaching. Otherwise he might not have feet at all anymore . . .

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