Wednesday, December 8, 2010


On December 12, UTA will enact their latest round of "Service Changes", as they are euphemistically known around here. Service reductions often rub a lot of people the wrong way. My feelings about the latest ones are mostly positive, however:

Cancellation of Early-morning and Late-night 831's:
I am actually in support of this one, despite being an eight-thirty-wunner; I don't generally hold with being the only person on a bus, and if they're running that bus at 9:17 p.m. just for me, they can get rid of it.

Cancellation of Earliest Northbound 830:
I've never taken it. And I'm the Busninja. So get rid of it.

Cancellation of Evening 820's:
This one I actually don't like so much, if only because it leaves a two-hour in bus service for everyone south of Provo. I feel like the 820 carries more people than the 831 at the same time of day; but maybe they both didn't make the cut.

Ending the 850 in downtown Provo instead of at East Bay:
I can personally attest that nobody rides the 850 south of downtown. And that service is all doubled by the 830, which comes twice as often, anyway. Get rid of it.

Cancellation of 811 Saturday Evening Trips:
I fail to see the purpose (though I recognize that other considerations than ridership alone go into how often a bus runs) of running the 811 every hour all day Saturday, then suddenly sticking in a few trips twenty minutes apart in the evening. I have ridden the second of these buses several times. One time there were seven people between Sandy and downtown Provo. A bus ran for over an hour to carry seven people. Get rid of it.

Cancellation of 850 service to U.S.D.C.
This one has been coming for a while. Now that the F868 services the U.S.D.C. regularly, and sort of all day long, I feel like the 850 service is rather superfluous.

There you have it. I don't have the final say, but that's my bit.

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