Saturday, February 5, 2011


Sometimes, riding the bus gets you into pretty unusual situations, ones you could never have foreseen.

The other day I took the bus to the gym. It being cold and unwelcoming outside, I brought my gym shorts along with me instead of wearing them to the gym. It not yet being 5:00 p.m., I also decided to visit the bank, since the bank is across the street from the Transit Center. I went to the gym first; as I was reflecting on my successful fitness experience, I wandered into the bank lobby and idly set down my shorts as I filled out my deposit slip.

My experience at the bank was, honestly, pretty pedestrian (no pun intended), until, as I was on the bus back home, I realized that I had left my gym shorts on the counter, in the middle of the bank. This never would have happened if I had a) had a car and b) left my gym shorts in it while I went to the bank. Sometimes my life is random . . .

I went back the next day and asked the lady at the window "Did you guys by any chance pick up some gym shorts yesterday?" She laughed and laughed. She did say yes, though, and returned me my gym shorts.

I said, "I'm glad I could brighten your day." We parted on good terms. That particular teller has said hi to me when I come to the bank ever since.


  1. Maybe you need to get yerself some tear-away slacks or jeans or something. Then you can wear your shorts all day! Woohoo, problem solved.

  2. You always have such good suggestions! I need to listen to you more often.