Wednesday, February 23, 2011



So, last weekend commutergirl and I went to the symphony. We're so cultured.

As we were driving up to Salt Lake, she asked me, "Can we just pull into a TRAX station and park there, so we don't have to park downtown?"

I said, "It's close, but we can probably make it."

We parked at 1300 South and anxiously awaited the train. We figured we'd have about four minutes to get inside Abravanel Hall once we got off the train. Enough time to, say, walk briskly through the lobby and immediately enter the hall.

I'm used to living on the edge like this. I'm the busninja, for crying out loud. But I was very vindicated to see, when we got off the train, a whole bunch of people wearing nice clothes also get off, who were obviously also planning to walk briskly across the lobby and into the hall. I'm glad to know there are so many smart people in Salt Lake. Gives me hope.


  1. Dear Busninja and Commutergirl, this is your long lost cousin in Portland. I love this blog dearly (enough to check it at least four times a year, which is really saying something for me). I think you're hysterious! What will the world come to when you break down and buy a car for eachother? I shudder to even type this. Love you!

  2. Awww, thanks Carrie! Don't worry, commutergirl already has a car, but I don't ever use it; she drives it in the opposite direction every morning!

  3. I feel cultured and smart now, as I once rode public transit (including TRAX) to Abravanel. I won't disclose that I was a car-less freshman wih no other option. OOPS... I did.

  4. A CLASSY carless freshman with no other option.