Thursday, February 10, 2011


Another time when I went to Wal-Mart, I was standing at the bus stop to return home. The southbound 831 stop at Wal-Mart is not particularly appealing looking, and I probably had a look of stalwart determination on my face (I was actually probably just squinting against the sun to see if the bus was coming). A friend of mine who happened to be in the parking lot behind the bus stop shouted at me, which startled me, but then he offered me a ride, which I was okay with.

I got in his car, and he proceeded to take exactly the same route as the 831 for the next several blocks (the 831 never goes anywhere in a straight line), except that our car journey was even more convoluted than the bus route, because he was dropping other people off (he's nice like that), and we pulled into two apartment parking lots on the way.

As we pulled onto University Parkway, I mentioned that we had taken an even less-direct route than the 831. This genuinely surprised him and his other friend in the car, which amused me. But we also got to tell stories about the bus, which was fun.

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