Thursday, March 31, 2011


People have teased me about going to the temple on my wedding day on the bus. People have teased me about leaving my wedding reception on the bus.
People have teased me about embarking on my honeymoon on the bus.

I did none of those things on my wedding day. But you better believe my bachelor party started on the bus.

Don't worry, we didn't do anything too shenaniganical on the bus. We saved that for later. We just got on, is all.

Everyone, when they got on, said things like, "This bus is nice!" probably because the last time they rode the bus, it was in South America. I told them we were on one of the oldest buses left in the fleet, and they were intrigued.

We rode the 831 all the way to Wal-Mart, which gave me the opportunity to ask at several points, "Does anyone know where we are?" to which the answer was usually "I have no idea!" although one of them did say once, "I know where we are . . . I drove past here once . . ."

We walked from Wal-Mart to IHOP, which caused the same dude to express his wish that we had driven instead, because it was too far to walk. We all judged him silently, I think. At least, I did.

We ate at IHOP, then bought snacks and associated things at Wal-Mart. We caught the 830 back. The 831 had been empty, but the 830 was unusually full, probably because the price of gas is skyrocketing again . . . this was good PR for my friends; it's good for people to see a bus with actual people on it, unlike the 831 on a Friday night.

All in all, it was a good experience for everyone. The guy I've already mentioned twice said he might even start taking the bus to UVU over the summer if the price of gas keeps going up. I support that.

We got home, and then we partied it up, Mormon style, for the rest of the evening, until I was pooped (Yeah, I was the first one to tire out. As usual). It was great.


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