Sunday, April 10, 2011


So, now that I take the 850 at least twice a day (eight-fiftier?), I've observed an interesting phenomenon.

See, I know how the schedule works on paper. The 850 pulls into the Transit Center at 10 after. The 830 comes at 17 after. Those bus patrons availing themselves of the 830 to get to BYU have seven minutes to ponder the deep things of life. Or, if the 850 is late, which, by tradition, it is, there is a seven-minute cushion to keep aforementioned bus patrons from missing their connection.

But here's what really happens.

UTA finally gave in to the fact that no matter how many times their algorithms tell them that it only takes a few minutes to pull in and out of the Transit Center, it really takes, like, about a year. So now UTA gives the 850 NINE MINUTES to basically go around a corner and drive past the Mall. Finally, the 850 runs on time. Early in the morning, it runs early.

The upshot of this is that the 850 pulls into the Transit Center at about 5 minutes past the hour and sits for five minutes before continuing, empty, down State Street into Provo. As it's pulling off the road to turn into the TC, the 830 from before, which is supposed to leave at 2 minutes past, but is, also by tradition, late (which tradition continues, and shall continue as long as grass is green and trees grow upward), is leaving. Sometimes the 832 is also leaving.

So, every morning when I get to the Transit Center, I see not one, but TWO buses going where I'm going, that I just missed. Oh, well. It looks good on paper.

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