Thursday, April 7, 2011


So. This is going to bum some of you out.

Commutergirl owns a car.

Don't worry, she always has. This isn't some kind of radical departure from my chosen way of life. It's just part of life. I eat meat and she has a car.

Cars sometimes need their oil changed. We most recently took it to Wal-Mart, where they changed our oil for about a third of what it cost at Jiffy Lube in Orem. They didn't offer to fix all the things that weren't really wrong with our car. They didn't try to manipulate us into anything, really. They weren't awesome. But they got the job done. And they charged us a decent price.

Unlike Jiffy Lube.

It irritates me, to say the least, that some car mechanics think they can manipulate commutergirl into paying more than she should, just because she's a woman. I also think said dishonest car mechanics are stupid, because they don't get as much repeat business as the honest ones.

Basically, I think Satan runs the Jiffy Lube she went to last time. Don't go there. Go to Wal-Mart instead. Or anywhere. Just not there.


  1. Oh, agree. My roommate says that both times she got her oil changed at Jiffy Lube, afterwards she got significantly lower gas mileage and has no idea why.

    Incidentally, I know the family who started Jiffy Lube. I think they're owned by Pennzoil now. Check out this wikipedia article, particularly the sub-heading "Controversy":

  2. Thanks for the tip - I checked it out, and I think I should quote it here:

    "Controversy arose in November 2003 following an investigation by NBC when it was discovered via the use of hidden camera that certain Jiffy Lube service stations were charging motorists for work they had in fact not performed. 5 out of 9 shops did not do the work that was told to customers."

    Any guilt I may have had for comparing Jiffy Lube to the devil has been definitively superseded.

  3. Interesting, now please complete the following:

    If Jiffy Lube is equal to the devil,
    then Wal-mart is equal to ______.