Wednesday, May 4, 2011


So, some of us live in Orem. We have to take two buses to get to BYU. That shouldn't be news, if you read this blog.

Some people get off work at oh, say, five. Or four. Or seven. Or eight. Or any time but six. For these people, getting home is a simple matter. Catch the 830 to the Transit Center. Wait about one minute. Or two. Or five. But never more than ten. Catch the 850. Go home. Rejoice.

But some of us get off work at six. We have several options:

1. Catch the 830 at 6:03. Miss the 850 at the Transit Center by 3 minutes. Walk home. Have to walk in the street because the SIDEWALK IS CLOSED ON OREM BLVD.

2. Catch the 830 at 6:03. Notice when you get to State St. that the 850 hasn't come yet. Get off and wait for the 850. Wait forever because the 850 is 29 minutes late. Watch the 850 AFTER the one you're on pull into the Transit Center as you pull out. Question the originally seemingly obvious wisdom of your unconventional transfer.

3. Catch the 830 at 6:18. This means you have waited for 28 minutes after work got out. Get off at the Transit Center at 6:35. Get on the 850 at 6:57. This means waiting for 22 minutes. That means spending 50 minutes of your commute time sitting around waiting . . .

4. Do homework for an hour and act like you got off work at 7:00. See second paragraph above.

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