Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Today I was waiting for the 850, as I often do these days. As I stood there placidly on the sidewalk, an older man was walking down State St. It was inevitable that we cross paths at some point.

As he approached me, he said "Good morning!"

What the heck, I'll bite. "Good morning!"

He asked, "Are you going to school?"

Fair question. "Yes, sir! All the way to Provo!"

At this point the man briefly wrinkled his forehead, then looked down, then gave me a fleeting thumbs-up before continuing on his way without saying a word.

His admittedly unexpected behavior led me to reflect on how I could possibly have confused him so.

Was it that he thought Provo was close enough that "All the way to Provo!" was a silly thing to say? (It kind of was.)

Was it that he just realized that I was a BYU student, and he hates BYU with great fervor?

Was it that he realized that I was standing at a bus stop, he was supposed to have shunned me a while ago?

Maybe I had, like, a booger hanging out of my nose, and he just noticed, and it freaked him out. But then, wouldn't you think the bus driver would say something?

I guess I'll never know.

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  1. I'm going with the BYU theory, that's why it's USU all the way!!! ;)