Monday, May 16, 2011


May's place of the month may already be well known to you. But did you know that you could take the bus there? (I'm guessing you gathered that by now)

If you're not already familiar with the setup, Guru's is a nice little restaurant on Center St. renowned for its sweet potato fries. The rest of the menu is good, too, though, as evidenced by the fact that commutergirl and I have never, not once, ordered the sweet potato fries on our many trips there. They have wraps, salads, pasta, and other assorted eats, and their menu contains a larger than usual vegetarian/vegan section (they have plenty of things with meat in them, too).

Also, if you're going on an awkward blind date, this is a fine place to go, because, as you're eating, you will look around and realize that you aren't the most awkward couple on a first date there. It's very reassuring. And if you're already married you can just look at each other and smile as you slurp up noodles.

Guru's is half a block from the intersection of University Ave. and Center St. in Provo, which is reached by routes 811, 830, 833, and 850. So, get on any random local bus in Utah County and you have a 50% chance of going past Guru's eventually. But if you want to make a more efficient trip, exact schedules and maps can be found at

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