Thursday, May 26, 2011


A lot of times this blog is about the funny things that happen to you when you take the bus. But this one could only have happened in a car.

Commutergirl and I were visiting our single friends. This is fun, because we can act married in front of them and watch their reactions. After a brief, but fun-filled and action-packed visit, it was time for us to go, because we have, like, work and stuff in the morning.

As we were preparing to leave, my friend got out a glass that I could only describe as gigantesque. This glass could seriously have contained a baby. It was that big. He filled the glass with half a carton of horchata and began imbibing. The glass, along with the person holding it, came out to the third-floor balcony with everyone else to wish us well.

As we prepared to disembark, I suddenly realized that my friend was possessed of a formidable quantity of horchata at a respectable height. I made some joking remark about "don't throw that on our car."

Me and my big mouth.

I'm not sure at this juncture who actually inspired the wrath of commutergirl by dumping the horchata out onto our windshield as we were pulling out, but she blames the redhead. She pulled back into the spot where she was, ran up the stairs, and tackled him on the couch of his apartment, where he had already tried to claim sanctuary, but it wasn't a cathedral, so it didn't count. Following this, commutergirl, being the natural leader that she is, deputized those present to clean up the mess for her.

This was initially accomplished by throwing a pot of water over the balcony to wash off the horchata, then removing the excess with a towel. Having realized that multiple liquids could be thrown off the balcony, those who still had the height advantage threw several more pots worth of water off.

(Except for the time that someone tried to throw a pot of water and ended up dumping it on himself. Hehe.)

Eventually it was established that the car was reasonably clean, everyone was reasonably well behaved, and it was reasonably time for the mature adults in the group to go to bed. So we left.

Kids, there's a lesson from this: Ride the bus -- stay horchata-free.

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