Tuesday, May 31, 2011


The other day it was rainy. And I was on the 830.

It being rainy, many of the bus patrons that day were possessed of umbrellas. And many of them, myself included, didn't completely close them while they were on the bus, the better to air them out (not that this actually does a lot, but it makes you feel better inside).

Most of the time this is accomplished without major mishap. You might get dripped on a little bit, but as long as it's your own umbrella, no harm done.

But the other day on the 830, a man got off the bus, and his not-completely-closed umbrella caught on one of the seats as he was moving to get off the bus. The surprising force of this interaction nearly upended him, and he had to stop and recollect himself briefly before actually getting off the bus.

So, now you know. Watch those umbrellas.

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