Wednesday, June 1, 2011


The other day on the 830, I sat across from a woman with her maybe three-year-old son. Like most maybe-three-year-olds, he had an almost uncontrollable case of the wiggles. Wiggle wiggle wiggle.

As we made our way slowly but steadily toward BYU, I noticed how, even though the woman was reading or talking on the phone most of the time, she managed, without even looking, to always keep one hand on the little boy. No matter which way he wiggled, she was ready for him. Though he was free to do quite a lot of squirming, he didn't make it off the seat even once the whole seventeen-minute ride.

I thought, now THAT is how to manage a small child on the bus. Too many parents of wiggly children either do nothing, which is poor, or sit there yapping at them the whole time, which is worse. If you're going to bring wiggles onto the bus, make sure you manage them. That way your child will grow up a healthy member of society.


  1. Speaking as one who has a squirmy child, you really do need to either develop a sixth sense (a phrase which really bothers me considering that you have way more than five senses already) or grow an extra arm...or tie them up.

  2. I'm afraid I will probably have to resort to the last option . . .

  3. I'm filing away this bit of wisdom for the next time I have the girl on public transportation. Maybe in a year?

  4. So far, everyone who has commented on this post has a baby. Interesting.