Monday, June 6, 2011


"What does this mean?" you might ask.

As anyone who blogs knows, at least half the fun of blogging is checking your stats. One thing I frequently check is the list of things people have searched for and found my blog. The other day, while performing said routine check, I found this:

Intrigued, I googled "jiffy wild shirtless" to see if my blog really came up. Sure enough, it did. I can only wonder why the person googling this clicked on the link to my blog. Turns out Jiffy Wild is actually a person, who apparently doesn't wear shirts sometimes. How 'bout that.

Anyway, shortly after I googled the aforementioned search phrase, my wife got on the computer and, seeing said phrase still in the search bar, turned around and said, "Honey, what the heck?"


  1. I just tried googling it again, and my blog is nowhere to be found. But I swear that when I wrote this post last week it worked.

  2. One of my weird googles that lead to my blog at one point was "burgess levenda". This is apparently a girl who lives in Arizona. No idea who she is & googling her name doesn't bring up my blog anymore either. So weird how these things randomly happen.