Tuesday, July 19, 2011


On the same other day as mentioned in this recent post, an 850 Southbound (not the one I was on) broke down at the Transit Center. So it was just sitting there. I was on my way to run an errand somewhere else, which I did. But it is a pretty strict law of bus travel that if your trip out involved the Transit Center, your trip back will involve it as well.

So here I was at the Transit Center again, and the same defunct 850 was sitting there. By now, however, there was a replacement bus pulled in next to it. This bus said "850 Northbound." I assumed, correctly (not that that's really saying all that much), that the replacement bus, rather than try to retrace the route an hour late, was just going to head north from the Transit Center at the time the broken-down bus would have gotten back there (does that make sense? If any of you were confused by that, I can clarify. I love comments).

While the two 850's were sitting there, the actual 850 Southbound pulled in and parked on the south side of the terminal. So now there were three 850's, two Southbound and one Northbound, sitting on the Southbound side. I didn't even have my phone with me, so I couldn't take a picture. But it would have made a lovely picture.

Now, there is only room for three buses on the Southbound side of the Transit Center. So, all the spots were being taken up by 850's for several minutes. During this several minutes, the 830 Southbound pulled in, innocent of any wrongdoing. I can only imagine what the 830 driver must have thought as he pulled in and saw there was no room for him:

850 . . . 850 . . . 850!!!
Is this some kind of cruel joke?

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