Tuesday, July 5, 2011


The 833 is a very circuitous bus. But it does, for a couple of stretches, go in a straight line for a while.


One day, as the 833 was going down 2230 North, the sun was blazing in on everyone that was sitting on the right-hand side of the bus. The interesting part of this story is that it took almost all the way down 2230 North for the people sitting in the sun to get annoyed enough with it to move over. Three people eventually did.

However, just after they all moved over, the bus went around a corner, and the sun was now shining on the LEFT side of the bus. Only two people moved back. I guess the third guy just gave up.


  1. I laughed at this. But I imagine that the soaked-in-the-sun people didn't think it was funny.

  2. That's why I sometimes wear sunglasses even inside the bus. Makes my eyes happy.