Friday, July 1, 2011


Recently, a post called "Jiffy Wild Shirtless" has made it into the top ten most-read posts on this blog (look to your left). The fact that this post is in my top ten is at least as much a mystery as the fact that someone got to my blog in the first place by googling "jiffy wild shirtless."

If you look at the other post, you will notice that, for a while, googling "jiffy wild shirtless" did not bring up my blog at all. That was before all of you, dear readers, read my post about it. Try it now:

That's right. Googling "jiffy wild shirtless" brings up my blog FOUR times before actual Jiffy Wild stuff. I wonder how he feels about that. Oh, well. This post probably isn't going to help.


  1. You like it. I mean, someone obviously wants to see this guys sans shirt and you are making it that much more difficult. Good for you. :)

  2. That's right, durn it, I am so protecting his modesty.