Thursday, July 21, 2011


On the same other day as the bus broke down at the Transit Center, I got on the replacement bus to head back north to my place of residence. An interesting set of circumstances ensued as we approached my stop.

I don't catch the 850 very far from the Transit Center, so I'm often the first one off after we leave it. Therefore, I was the first person to pull the cord on the replacement bus all day. I feel special, but that's another story.

At the stop before mine, the bus driver precipitously swerved off the road to make the stop, as though she had just noticed that someone had pulled the cord. A little light comes on on the dash when someone pulls the cord, as well as an incisive little BEEP. Sometimes when the sun is shining (which it was) it looks like the little light is on even though it isn't. So it occasionally happens, as it did at this time, that the bus pulled off the road to let someone off, except that no one got off. Oh well. Moving on . . .

At the appropriate time, I gave the cord a smart tug to let the bus driver know that someone was actually getting off this time. The "Stop Requested" light (which the bus driver can't see) came on in the front of the bus, but there was no beep! So, unless the light on the dash obviously came on, there was no way for her to know to stop.

I decided to wait and see, as it can hurt the bus driver's feelings when you tell them that you pulled the cord. Some of them feel that you think they can't do their job when you tell them this. So we got to my stop, and the bus made no indication of stopping. So I did what I always do in this case. I shouted


Keep in mind that I TA for a Basic Vocal Skills class at BYU, and that if I want my voice to reverberate through a small concert space such as a city bus, I can. I think I startled the driver, as well as several passengers, who suddenly looked up in alarm. I conclude that the driver thought I had pulled the cord at the wrong time (leading her to pull off the road a stop early). She was annoyed with me, I think, because she shut the door on me as I was getting off. I forced it back open and got off. I decided she had all the way to Lehi and back several times to figure out that the problem was with the bus, not with me, so I didn't snap at her about it.

Just in case, I made sure that when I had to catch the bus again that day, it wasn't that particular one.


  1. You should have just done a resonant, a cappella ding. It would have been much less startling than yelling.