Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Commutergirl requires me to disclaim that July's place of the month is not haute cuisine. That's okay, it's not a bad deal. And if you're going there on the bus, you're probably not planning to spend gobs of money anyway.

L'interieur du restaurant

Malawi's's slogan is Pizza with a Purpose. Every meal you purchase there goes toward providing meals to underprivileged African children. In addition to pizza, they make good-sized pasta dishes and salads. The prices are reasonable, so you can feel good about yourself and not spend too much = happy Americans.

Malawi's is in the Shops at Riverwoods, which is reached only by the 832. However, it's not far from the Transit Center, so you can transfer to the 832 from any number of other buses. Also, be prepared for the rich people who typically shop at Riverwoods to stare at you as they drive past the bus stop. If you hear a pop, it's their brain under the stress of the sudden realization that not only do buses actually exist, they also stop at Riverwoods.

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  1. They also have a food-allergy friendly menu!