Friday, July 8, 2011


The other day, I found myself in the middle of a somewhat lengthy bus transfer at a somewhat unofficial transfer point. Sometimes these sort of unofficial, on-the-fly transfers work well, and sometimes they are somewhat lengthy.

This particular transfer involved spending a few minutes at a park that was next to a water park. There was also nowhere to sit at this park that wasn't already taken by a family with laughing children. It's Provo . . .

So, I stood there for a while, observing the mechanics of the water park. Then it occurred to me that a twenty-something guy in sunglasses staring directly at a water park from outside is a definite recipe for creeperness.

I decided to break up the creeperness by looking in all different directions for short lengths of time. It seemed like it took a really long time before the bus came.


  1. That course of action DOES seem much less creeperish. I hope you weren't mouth breathing or mustache sporting in addition, or I'd be surprised if a police report wasn't made about you.

  2. So far, I haven't heard anything. I guess it was good there was stubble all over my face, not just on my upper lip.