Friday, July 15, 2011


Those of you who avidly read this blog will know that recently, I found something I don't hate about Provo. I would not expect this to become a pattern.

Take, for example, this Daily Universe article:

The accusation of corruption against Mr. Turley saddens me. He has always been a voice for BYU students during the absurd debates on parking permits (he was the one, for instance, who suggested that discussion on the parking permits be tabled for a thousand years, to which Mrs. Richards replied, very patiently, "that seems a little excessive"). However, this accusation has been brewing for years, and there is a lot of evidence against him. If he is found guilty, I want him out of government.

So now we have Provo residents up in arms about Mr. Turley's behavior in office, and about guess what else? PARKING. And what happens next? Mr. Healey closed public comment right in the middle of the discussion. He said about it afterward:

The comments that were going to be made we had been hearing. That’s why I asked the question if we were going to hear anything different.

Let me get this straight, Mr. Healey. You keep hearing the same thing from citizens at the Municipal Council meeting. It seems like a number of citizens disagree (gasp!) with you. Could it be that this (gasp!) is the will of the people? Not that you were elected to represent them or anything.

Madam and Eve, by Stephen Francis & Rico.  Downloaded from

This kind of thing has happened before, where the Provo Municipal Council has treated the public comment periods as "Okay, can you stop whining, so we can do what we were going to do anyway?" I'm sorry to see it happening on the current council, even without the likes of Mr. Stewart and Mrs. Richards. Oh well, as they say in Perú:



  1. For those of you that don't speak Spanish, Google Translate doesn't do it justice. A better translation is: "The people put you in, the people take you out!!!"

  2. I am glad you used a South African comic strip to illustrate your point. :)

  3. It was the first thing that popped into my head when I read the article; "There's that WORD again . . ."

  4. I LOVE Madam & Eve -- I bought books of that comic while I was in South Africa. I'm sorry for the Provo trouble, but any excuse to read Madam & Eve can't be all bad. :)

  5. When I first discovered Madam & Eve, I spent about an hour reading it when I should have been studying for a test.

  6. Not having lived in Provo for several years, now, when I read this post and the associated article, it flabergasted me. I know Steve Turley, and this completely seemed out of character for him. I had to find a picture to realize that it's a different Steve Turley. The one I know is or was the associate dean of students at BYU. Don't know if there's any relation, but this had me shocked for a few minutes there.

  7. Did not know there were 2 Steve Turleys! Rest assured, I am only talking about the city councilman here.