Thursday, August 11, 2011


I have already talked to some people about the epic length of my commute this coming school year. If you haven't heard about it, you soon will.

Part of my epic commute, most days, involves transferring from the Blue TRAX line to the 811 at the Sandy Civic Center Station. This is a relatively simple operation. You get off the train. You go stand by the 811 sign. The 811 pulls up. You get on. It takes you to Provo. Yay!

Earlier this week, between the penultimate and ultimate steps of the above-described process, an elderly man came running up to the bus just as it was about to pull away from the station, waving his arms in some consternation. This happens sometimes, and the bus driver was good enough to not pull away right in his face, as some of the ruder ones will do.

When the man got on the bus, he said to the driver with menace in his voice, "It's at 35, isn't it?"

The bus driver had no idea what this meant, so he said, "What?"

The man repeated, "It's at 35, isn't it?" in the same menacing tone.

Perhaps I'd better explain to you what he meant.

This dear old man was referring to the fact that, last week, the 811 left the Sandy TRAX station at 35 after the hour (and sometimes other times, but always at 35). From this week onward, it is scheduled to leave at 33 after the hour. Change day happened. The train schedules got adjusted. The schedules of the buses that connect to the trains got adjusted. That means that the schedules might, actually, be different.

I admit that, on occasion, a schedule change gets past me and I think, hmm, it seems like all the 831's have been late this week. What's wrong? But then, when I discover that the schedule has, in fact, changed, I become quite tranquil. My mistake. And I certainly don't grouch at the driver, who might be completely new to the route (drivers also rotate on Change Day) and would therefore have no idea that the schedule was any different before.

Like I said in the last post, I'm used to people knowing that Change Day is coming. I'm used to people on the bus in Utah County saying to drivers, "So, Change Day is coming. Are you switching routes?" I'm used to hearing people say things like "Well, I see they're taking away the 8:00 Southbound trip; do you ever take that one?" I'm not used to people getting mad at bus drivers because they didn't know the schedule had changed. Hopefully they will figure it out soon.

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