Friday, September 9, 2011


On the same eventful 811 trip I mentioned in the post before, another college-aged young man was standing, because there was insufficient seating. As often happens, the bus driver had to brake in rather a precipitous fashion.

This young man also had managed to keep himself upright for an appreciable length of time, but was forced to obey the laws of physics when forces were developed in his body due to the braking that prevented his continued static condition, a.k.a. he fell over.

He didn't fall all the way over; he was able to steady himself on a nearby stationary surface. Unfortunately, that nearby stationary surface was someone else's shoulder.

He reacted very strongly to this, saying something like this post's title. The possessor of the shoulder in question apparently regarded as high the probability that what had just happened was an isolated incident, because he was quite calm about the whole thing, and even seemed a trifle amused at his fellow passenger's consternation. Fortunately for him, experience bore him out. His shoulder remained unbothered for the remainder of the trip.

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