Tuesday, September 20, 2011


My wife brought up this article to me yesterday. I'm still not sure how I feel about it.

I grant you that the 327 was one of the more successful "fast bus" routes in Salt Lake County. It certainly ran more times than most. I know personally how very annoying it can be when the transit company makes changes. I understand how these three-twenty-seveners probably feel about their bus being gone. There's just one thing I don't understand:

Point 1: These people used to take the bus all the way to downtown. Cool.

Point 2: These people don't want to ride an inconveniently timed bus to a TRAX station, then have to ride TRAX all the way to downtown. Okay.

Point 3: These people would rather drive to downtown than catch a bus to TRAX.


Sorry, that makes no sense to me, for the following reasons:

Point 4:  TRAX runs all day.  More times, more hours, and more often than the 327 ever did.

Point 5:  TRAX isn't subject to traffic until you get to downtown, it doesn't get caught behind accidents on the freeway, and it doesn't even foul up when the weather is nasty and all the cars on the freeway are going ten miles an hour as their drivers silently curse the day they were born (at least, their windows are rolled up, so it's appears silent unless you're in the car with them).  It's actually quite nice.

Point 6:  TRAX stations have parking lots, last time I checked.  You could park at a TRAX Station, which would be faster than catching a bus to it, and still not have to drive downtown.

Point 7:  The 327 was a good bus, but it's not like it stopped everywhere.  It only stopped on a couple of streets, and while those streets were carefully chosen, they weren't the only streets people lived on.  People had to do things other than walking to get to a 327 stop, anyway.  And what about people that don't work conventional hours?  They exist, too.  I'm one of them!  The 327 would have been largely useless to me.  TRAX is not.  On the other hand, TRAX is not useless to you, I don't think.

Okay, now I'm ranting.  But there are people in Utah County that would kill for a TRAX line that close to where they live. I have personally had several narrow escapes after such people made attempts on my life.  These people would tell you that maybe TRAX can be your friend.  Don't give up on it before you even try it.

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