Monday, September 26, 2011


The circus was in town.  As evidenced by the fact that lots and lots of families with little kids got on the train downtown.  As little miss matter of fact says, "trains start and stop quickly."  All the children were finding imaginative ways to remain upright, and of course they were having a jolly old time doing it.

One boy made it apparent that he wanted one of the loops that people standing hold on to.  (As far as I know, we don't have a special word for those loops in transportation engineering, but if I find out one, I'll let you know.)  Finally his dad lifted him up so he could hang on to it.  As his feet were now a good twenty-four inches off the floor of the train car, he swung happily back and forth with the train for a while until he decided it was time to come back down.  I am required to disclaim here that he was closely supervised by a concerned adult at all times.

I watched him and thought, I'd never get away with that.  In the first place, I'd have to scrunch up completely so that my feet didn't hit the floor.  But I think it would be fun.

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