Thursday, September 1, 2011


Today at BYU I was waiting at a crosswalk with several other BYU students.  I often am.  I assume they are, also, often waiting at crosswalks.

As sometimes happens at a crosswalk, there came a moment when there were no cars on the street we were to traverse, but the light was still red.  As often happens when this happens, one intrepid soul on the opposite side of the street from me began crossing the street anyway, and soon everyone else on that side was crossing, even though the light was still red.  Everyone, that is, except one.

One girl kept still with a look of determination on her face, even as everyone around her took off into the intersection.  She didn't budge until the light changed and the chirping started.

I've been in that situation before, and I've found it surprisingly hard to resist the peer pressure inherent in the fact that everyone around you is progressing on their journey to wherever they're going, and you're not.  It takes more fortitude than you might think.

Whoever you are, I respect you for this.  You go, girl.


  1. So, what do suppose it is that keeps such a person on the sidewalk? Simply a determined devotion to principle? Fear of an unseen car, or of breaking the law? Desire to be different?

  2. Being myself, I would posit that it comes from a deep moral sense regarding conscientious pedestrian practices. But I don't know for sure :)