Thursday, October 27, 2011


The other day I was waiting for the TRAX train to take me down to Sandy so I could catch the 817 to Provo.  It's a long story (and even longer when you're in it).

Now I didn't notice this, but apparently the train before the one I was trying to catch never showed.  Or, at least, was about 15 minutes late, so as to appear to be the train after the one it actually was.  Like I said, I didn't notice, because a train showed up about when I thought it would, but as I made my way southward, I kept hearing people saying things like "FINALLY.  I thought the train would never come!" or "I was waiting out there FOREVER."  This led me to the assumptions I described in the previous sentence.

As we got closer to Sandy, people started getting antsy.  I have a theory about this, which was corroborated by the fact that everyone was suddenly overjoyed when we actually got to Sandy.  My theory is this: everyone thought they were going to miss the 817.  See, there are two 817's fifteen minutes apart, at about 7:45 and 8:00 a.m.  There are also two earlier ones, but no later ones.  If you miss the 817 at about 8:00, you're out of luck.  You have to take the 811, and no human should be required to do this (even though I've done it many times).  Taking the 811 instead of the 817, for example, would most likely make you late to whatever you were taking the 817 to get to.

I assume that all these people were sure they had missed the 817 at about 7:45, because they were getting antsy by the time we got down to Sandy.  People don't usually get antsy and worried like that on the train.  Then, when we got to the station, there was an 817 sitting there.  This is not an unusual occurrence for me; I'm used to getting off the train in Sandy at two or three minutes to 8:00 and seeing an 817 sitting there.  But for all the people that had been intending to catch the bus fifteen minutes earlier, and apparently had forgotten that there was another 817 fifteen minutes later, this was a small miracle.  I could hear their brains thinking, as we got off the train,


We all got on.  Then, instead of antsiness, I felt consternation.  It seems everyone was confused because the 817 still sat there for a few minutes, after we got on.  See, it hadn't been waiting especially for us.  It was always supposed to be there.  I just thought it was funny that I was the only one who seemed to know this.

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