Saturday, October 1, 2011


For those of you that were watching LDS General Conference today, I'm sure you were caught just as off-guard as I was about President Monson's announcement that the Provo Tabernacle (which was burned to an empty shell last year) would be converted into a temple.  He set that up beforehand, I just know it.
Anyway, we were all pretty excited about it.  When the Tabernacle burned, it felt like one of my old friends had died.  I played the organ for many a Stake Conference there.  Even though I don't officially play the organ.  That never really stopped them from asking me.

Of course, all the people I was with started speculating on what we're going to call the new temple, since the other one is already called "The Provo Temple."  The winner was Christian, who dubbed it "The Templenacle."  Sorry if you thought you made that up; he probably beat you to it.

Artist's rendering of the new Templenacle.  From

This explains why the Church recently bought the block south of the Tabernacle.  You'll also notice that the Templenacle will have the old center spire back on it.  The original spire was structurally unsound, but considering that actual engineers will probably be employed in the rebuilding of the old Tabernacle, the new spire will probably be much safer.  The restored building and its environs will be a great asset to downtown Provo.  If you've seen what the Church has been doing with the City Creek Center in downtown Salt Lake, you'll know this can only be a good thing.

Even as I celebrated the restoration of the Tabernacle and the advent of a second temple in Provo, however, I couldn't help letting one little weaselly thought in: "The new temple will be so much easier to get to on the bus . . ."

Actually, commutergirl said it too, which made me feel a lot better about thinking it.  And it is true.  The Tabernacle is easily accessible by the 830 and 850 (six times per hour, each way) versus Provo Temple I, which is only reached by the 833 (once per hour, each way).  And, when the train to Provo is done, the Templenacle will be only a few short minutes away from the Provo Station by bus, rather than about 25 minutes for Provo Temple I.

I'm excited about the new temple.  But I'm also excited about how easy it will be to reach.  Transportation is a very serious matter, you know.

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