Friday, October 28, 2011


Tonight we were waiting for a train.  We were coming back from the Temple.
The Blue Line wasn't coming.  And it wasn't coming.  It didn't come.  Then it didn't come some more.  The Blue Line, and the Green Line, and the Blue Line all came, going the other way.

Then the Blue Line southbound finally came, and we all understood.

It was full of Asians.  And by Asians, I mean they all had nametags that said, "Korea" or "Japan" or "Malaysia" on them.  Apparently they are all here for the NuSkin NuGeneration conference.

The train pulled up, so full of people that when the doors opened, some people literally fell backward, and had to be pulled back up into the car.  As I peered more closely, I saw that not everyone on the train was from Asia, just almost all of them.  There were a few regulars, looking utterly bewildered at how crowded the train was.

I asked commutergirl, "Where did all these Asians come from?"

She said, "Asia."

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