Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Those of you who faithfully read this blog (and believe me, I appreciate it) may have noticed that I haven't been able to keep up my goal of posting every day except Sunday for the past few days.  This is because my wife and I have been without the internets at home.  We may be without them for the rest of the week.

So I will have to resort to skulduggery.  I'm currently posting this from a computer I don't normally have access to, in a lab whose door code I don't know, at an hour I'm not usually on campus.  But they have the internet here, so, what the heck.

If I do get the chance to post more stuffs this week, I will.  Things that tickle me continue to happen on public transportation, and, given the amount of time I generally spend on public transportation, enough things will happen this week, I won't be able to remember them all.  But I'll do my best.  For all of you.

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