Friday, October 21, 2011


Apparently, TRAX confuses children.

Today, as I was going to work, a family got on the train and rode it all the way to the end.  Interestingly, at the second-to-last stop, one of their sons got off the train, unaccompanied by any of his multiple family members.  They all started calling his name (since it wasn't my name, I didn't respond), and he scrambled back onto the train before it pulled away.  He had to endure a good deal of friendly ribbing from his relatives once he was back on.

Then, on my way home from work, another group of children got on, in the care of who I assume was their grandmother (though you should never assume).  At one point, one of them said "This bus isn't moving very fast."  Which is all well and good, as long as you're on a bus.

As they were getting off, I saw a mother lunge across the platform after her small child, shouting, "Not that one! Not that one!"  She was apparently successful in corning said small child, because neither small child nor frantic mother made it onto the train.  It's understandable that a small child could get confused; three different train lines stop at that station.

It's good for me to see this now.  So I can take mental notes.  For my children's sake.


  1. This a digital photograph I took in your honor:

  2. That's uncommonly kind of you -- not that I mean you aren't usually so kind, because you are -- but that it's an uncommonly kind thing to do in general. In the same sense of the word "uncommonly," it was also an uncommonly wise financial decision :)