Friday, November 4, 2011


Several of my friends have also been asking me a train-construction-related question to which I have a very definite answer.  Assuming that my friends constitute a simple random sample of all humans, and that their results can thus be generalized to the entire population of the world, most people probably have this question, so I shall answer it forthrightly, here on my blog.  The answer to the question you all have is:

The construction on I-15 is not for the train.  It is for the freeway.  It is for.  The.  Freeway.  The train line is being constructed placidly to the south, hardly getting in anyone's way.  If you look to the south at key points along the freeway, say, the American Fork Main St. exit, you can see train stations or train tracks calmly running near, but not in the middle of, the freeway.  Fear not!  The construction through which you must drive to go anywhere but Provo is for your benefit, not mine.

Although, you should all take the train anyway.


  1. A lot of people ask this question? Really? Wow. I thought it was pretty obvious that the road construction was for the road.

  2. Now, Ashley, we're not all as smart as you . . .