Saturday, November 26, 2011


We successfully found the Bountiful Temple this morning.  Finding the restaurant where some of our friends went after the wedding was another matter.

We knew we were close, but we kept driving back and forth on the same few blocks.  Finally we called and obtained very specific directions.  It didn't help that the address we were seeking was right on the border of Bountiful and North Salt Lake -- I've gotten surprisingly used to all of Salt Lake County being on the same grid, and it distresses my soul greatly that Davis County is not the same.

When we finally arrived, I was confronted by the accusation that I was a bad busninja.  This cannot be!  I immediately pointed out that the 470, 471, 461, 462, and 477 (I believe that was the order I said them in; I was trying to respond quickly and was unable to list them in numerical order) all stopped at or near this intersection.  They thought that was funny.  Phew.

That evening, we successfully found the chapel where the reception was being held by following the 460 route into Foxboro.  That was a needed boost for my ego, I admit.


  1. You know, most people aren't carninjas either: they just input the address into their phone's GPS. ;P

  2. I'm hardly the technologyninja, either.