Thursday, November 3, 2011


For those of you who have been asking me when the train to Provo is getting finished, and who have been receiving vague answers from the likes of me, I now have an official answer.

If you would like it to be not-small, you can read the actual article here, as well as see a lovely slideshow about this project and all of UTA's rail projects in general.

The line is scheduled to open about early 2013, which means that it will be completed about the time I graduate and no longer have to commute to Provo.  Oh well.  I'll probably find some reason to ride it.

While I know that you don't feel the joy I feel to get updates on the FrontRunner South Project, I hope you can in some measure share in mine (and many others') bliss at the thought of a train from Provo to Salt Lake that takes you there in less than an hour, transfers to every other train in the UTA system, has free Wi-Fi, runs as smooth as a dream, and is completely immune to rush hour and almost immune to weather.

I could keep going.

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