Thursday, December 1, 2011


Now, I would probably never live in Davis County, unless I literally lived at a FrontRunner station.  Today convinced me that I would never, ever want to live there, ever.  No offense.  But poor bus service AND wind?  Nope.

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By the way, KSL, you don't come to somebody's aide, unless you want to visit their aide or tell their aide something.  Otherwise, the verbal construction is "came to their aid."  No "e."

But seriously.  FrontRunner closed, the FREEWAY closed, thousands without power, car windows blown in, the list goes on.  How 'bout that wind.


  1. The amount of spelling/grammar/typographical errors on KSL drives me bonkers.

  2. I don't necessarily mean to be on a personal vendetta against KSL. But as long as, every single time I check their site, I find errors with merely a cursory glance, I will be.