Wednesday, December 28, 2011


The other night I got on the 39 to go home.  There were several of us on the bus.  We came up to 300 East, as the 39 often does, seeing as how its route crosses 300 East.  Someone pulled the cord, the bus stopped, and we all got off.

As you might guess from its small ordinal number, 3rd East is not very far into the route.  In fact, I often am the first one to get off.  I slink off without looking at anyone because I don't want everyone to think I'm the lazy one that got off three blocks into the route (it's actually six blocks into the route, but no one ever seems to take into account that the TRAX Station is past State Street.  It's a mental block that afflicts all bus passengers, and I myself am not entirely immune).  But when everybody else also got off, I felt kind of bad for the bus driver, who would, in all likelihood, be all alone all the way to Wasatch.  This is not as bad as if, say, the 811 were empty, but still, driving all that way by yourself would be lonely.  Or eerie.  I don't know, as I've never been on a bus by myself; whenever I'm on a bus, there's at least the driver there.  That's probably enough.  Shutting up now.

All that way by himself, without even a twist or turn in the road to keep him company . . .


  1. When everyone gets off the bus and you're empty for a while, it's the best ever. Sometimes you'll think you're alone, and them some passenger who was asleep, slunk down in their seat, will come and ask where we are. Now that freaks a bus driver out.

    Enjoy your posts, man.

  2. I got off the 822 one night in Salem. I thought I was the last person on the bus, but as it pulled away, I saw a guy slumped down in the very back seat. It startled me as I was walking away, and I wasn't even on the bus. I thought, this can't end well.

  3. Recently the 822 operator (last one of the night) found some sleepers on his bus at the last stop in Payson. They needed the Hospital in Payson. He kindly gave them a courtesy ride all the way back to the hospital before heading for the garage & home. I would have expected them to call in a commendation, but nothing of the sort. I'm really happy to see your positive spins on our bus system, even when your experience isn't the paradigm of cherry bowls.